Gambian Muslims Ask for Closing Mosque Against Djiji

Presiden Of Gambia
 Gambia Presiden

Beritaislam - According to some Gambian Muslims, many residents still flock to the market.

BANJUL - Muslims in Gambia ask the government to reconsider the policy of closing mosques across the country in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. They also questioned about public places that were not closed, such as markets. Even though community meetings in the market are more common.

"If maintaining social distance is really applied in Gambia, I believe it's because the market is still open and crowded and doesn't pay attention to social distance, people mix with one another every day," said Yusuf Kolley, one of the Muslims in Gambia as reported by Voice Gambia,  Wednesday (6/5).

Kolley also assesses the market as one of the centers of transmission or spread of the covid-19 virus. "Stopping people from going to the mosque makes absolutely no sense when other public gatherings such as markets, transportation, are left open for people to gather. The mosque is only open at certain times and for a short time, "he said.

He also asked the government to pay attention to the problem and allow Muslims to come back to the mosque to worship. The same was stated by other Muslims, Momodou Jeng and Sadibou Ceesay, who assessed that the appeal to maintain social distance had not been fully obeyed by the public.

"If the government bans public meetings including the closure of the mosque, let the government see both of these and let worshipers go to worship," he said.


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